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Prof Guido Governatori

La Trobe University, Australia

Digital Legislation


The talk will address the issue of digital legislation, the idea that norms are formulated in a format that is at the same time understandable by humans and processable by computers. Processable in the sense that given the facts of a case it is possible to compute what are the legal requirements (obligations, prohibitions, permissions,...) in force for the case and, whether they have been complied with or violated. We provide a quick overview of the theoretical foundation to make this possible; furthermore, we discuss the benefits of such an approach and the challenges it faces.

Guido Governatori


Guido Governatori is a senior principal researcher at CSIRO's Data61 where he leads the Software Systems Research Group and a research professor at La Trobe University Law School. He received his PhD in Legal Informatics from the University of Bologna. His research expertise includes non-classical and modal logics for normative reasoning, and their applications to agents and business processes. His work on business process compliance started this novel field and his seminal paper received in 2017 the BPM test of time award as one of the most influential papers in the business process management discipline. In 2015 he won the Australian Computer Society Gold Award for the researcher if the Australian researcher of the year in computer science.

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24th Annual
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16-18 September 2020